Caused by the extreme reduction, there is great danger of misunderstanding.

Reflexion on the field of Politics

The historic union to tribes, geographical and linguistically stamped societies have had its days. Worldwide thinking is announced.

The main thesis of the French Revolution liberté - fraternité - egalité was important to the world and has stamped all the successful democraties, and - on my conviction - it has lost nothing of importance. The declaration of human rights was a supplementary milestone.

My fight for a tolerance as big as possible requires therefore intolerance to racism, any radicalism, patronizing and similar, sick points of view.

The world-wide peace is threatened actually by two great dangers.

The neoimperalism of the USA leads inevitable to resistance of the patronized and the suppressed ones. In the actual state, not reason is reigning, but instead the mighty lobbies of huge concerns. Kreisky compared the American president (Reagan) well with a figurehead of a ship. The ship is navigated by others. A control and the depriving of political might of that global concerns can only be realized by strong and responsible politicians. This has to be done.

The irresponsible, uncontrolled increase of mankind is the second main danger, I am convinced. This creates enormous instability of the concerned states and generates a huge desire for emigration. It seems to be worst in most regions of South- and the South-East-Asia, Latin America and of Africa.

To avoid bigger pain of single persons, development and hunger aid should only be given in connection with drastic programs of contraception. A maximum school education must be forced in the poor countries. This could be done with half of the crazy-shaped expenses on Military of the USA and should be paid by all high-developed nations. Education is the most successful contraceptive. A measure for a tolerable number in population should be, that the people, who lives anywhere, had to find enough ressources (water, food, energie) in its region.

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